Medical Disclaimer

GymyGym is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical disease, disability, injury or infirmity. Use of GymyGym is at the users own risk. Consult your physician before using GymyGym to make sure you are healthy enough for physical activity. GymyGym exercise bands are adjustable to variable difficulties. Always start with the easiest setting and work your way up. GymyGym is to be used only in the express manner in which it is represented to be used from official tutorials on GymyGym is not to be used in any other manner that those represented and displayed officially on Injury resulting from miss use of GymyGym in any way involving exercise or other uses are the sole responsibility of the user and GymyGym LLC is not liable for this miss use. By purchasing GymyGym you agree to the terms of this disclaimer, asserting that GymyGym is to be used at the users own risk, and GymyGym LLC is not liable for any and all injuries that may occur from the improper use of GymyGym for any reason.